What You Should Include In Your World-building If You Are A Webtoon Writer.

Do you know that there are around 64 million webtoon readers all across the world? We are used to people reading comics, web novels and fanfictions, but webtoon is a new addiction that manages to lure readers into trying a new genre of reading materials like fantasy or sports, but in a more unique world. It is recorded that 16.5 million people read webtoon every day, which shows that more people read webtoon than watch television shows these days. If you are familiar with webtoons, then you should know how popular webtoons like “Solo Leveling” and “True Beauty” are to the point that they are adapted into a television series. The number one application webtoon readers use for their daily dose of webtoon contents is WEBTOON™ with more than 55 million monthly subscribers. With fresh and unique themes, it is no wonder that webtoons are loved by both the teenagers and adults. If you are a webtoon writer, then you should already be aware of how important world-building is to your story. Let’s see what you should include in your world-building of your webtoon.

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Pick A Genre And The Dimension 

The most important thing you should note for your world-building is that the elements of fantasy should be established clearly throughout the story. This is because the dimension or settings for the webtoon is not somewhere your readers have been before since it’s a fantasy world. Thus, pick a genre like science fiction where you want the place to be set in a fictional planet away from Earth or a genre like horror where the setting will be a dark side of the dimension people have never ventured into. 

Choose Some Unique Languages

Instead of going for the existing languages used in the world like French, Japanese or American, perhaps it is better for you to try and create a unique language for your characters to use. Language is a part of culture, so establishing this also helps to bring more ideas for your story plot. Perhaps it could be a language where the syllables and sounds only you can think of. This is even more attractive for readers because they have always loved the use of language that they can learn in order to get into the webtoon. As examples, the Elvish language used in The Lord of The Rings and the Láadan language invented by Suzette Haden Elgin for her book, Native Tongue.

The Fantasy Money

Money is very important no matter what dimension you are going to build for your webtoon. Readers will want to see how your characters go through their daily life and it’s strange if they have never shown how they pay for something they buy. Even in the real world, currency is super important as you can see how people trade them as a form of business. Check out online forex broker malaysia if you are interested to know more about these. Coming back to our topic, the invented currency and design of money used in your webtoon could be very fun for readers to know about. For example, the money and coins used in the Harry Potter series is well-known that you can see people buying replicas of them as souvenirs at the Universal Studios Hollywood.


All in all, you need to get a firm grasp of world-building in order to attract more readers to subscribe to your webtoon. Ensure that you cover up these elements of genre, dimension setting and currencies so that it will be the world your readers wish is real in reality. Hopefully, these will come in handy for your webtoon world-building and motivates you to unleash your creativity.

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