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Web design. Another branch of occupation in the modern world where creative minds can let their ideas, their gifts flow like Niagara Fall. Not everyone can fit with this job, hence people do not tend to do this on their own. For those who are still lost, web design is basically the process of creating a website. Web designers and web developers work hand in hand for this process and there is no exception to it, the website could be for a government portal, weekly blog, or anything. Web designer mostly works on the visual appearance of the site while web developer is the behind-the-stage guy that works on the website codes.

A web developer works closely with HTML to structure the whole thing. Hence the skills of handling these computer languages are very required. But for web designers, mostly create wireframes, optimizing the design elements with SEO, and more. Making the design is not as easy as it sounds. One thing that they need to pay attention to is the interaction. If the website is not user-friendly, it would be a turn-off for clients to discover more about the company. SO many things to pay attention to in making a good website and the teamwork between the developer and the designer is much needed. 

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As for now, the competition will undoubtedly be fierce and dangerous, but with Digital Zoopedia and your website, you can fight and stand out from the others. Making a fantastic first impression will leave an indelible impression on the audience, and that is exactly what you should be aiming for. Your website will be perfectly designed by Digital Zoopedia and it will provide you the edge you need to be number one. Your website will also serve as a resource for potential customers, as we know a superb website contains both the style and the content and in this situation, it’s your company’s background. If the clients know in-depth about you, the connection of trust surely can be built.

Not to mention the utilization of social media and email. This will allows you to expand your marketing reach using the internet. Emailing, for example, will allow you to easily over. Plus, when combined with your own app development, your company can thrive in the spotlight and you will make it easier for clients to contact you. Emphasized the necessity of trust is the key. Raise your company’s brand, and achieve more success. Go to Digital Zoopedia now. 


As the world is entering a new age of modern marvels, there are so many careers that depend on the Internet. Custom website designers in Malaysia are one of them. Sure you jump into the careers like online business and whatnot. But considering the world now is getting more digitalized than ever, one of the highlight jobs would definitely be web designers. Well, what exactly do they do?

A web designer is responsible for the looks of the website. When you see a great catchy design on a website, the people that you need to credit are them. All the elements like layouts, dashboards, colors, fonts, all the good stuff. Different from the website development, they will the backstage stuff like coding, to keep things running smoothly. Web designers will be in charge upfront, making everything look pleasant, approachable, and friendly. They will use designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, and all to help them. So as you can see, it is not as easy as they sound as there is a lot of process behind it and it requires skills to do it well.

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Web Development for Beginners: 10 Common Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit

1. Lazy Browser Testing


Test your website early, and regularly. All browsers have quirks and bugs, so addressing these issues early can result to good website performance.

2. Not Paying Attention to Portability

Beginner developers would utilize hard-coded database connection strings and fixed file paths to assess the environment. Remember to place it in a folder called “MyApplication1.”If not, their apps can fail dismally.


3. Brushing Off Bandwidth

The main issue with PC server testing? Bandwidth problems are not typically noticeable. Many beginner developers wouldn’t care much about bandwidth.

4. Awful Accessibility

For the novice web developer, image alt attributes equate to accessibility. It is like assuming that you can drive by turning on the car stereo. Accessibility is all about supporting man devices with various technical capabilities. For a good user experience, it should be addressed immediately and efficiently.

5. Scorning SEO


Several web developers think that SEO is just an ordinary soft skill that is not at all important. For them, it is best to leave this to the marketing team, immediately after the website goes live. The best solution? Search engine optimization should be planned from the very beginning.

6. Useless Upgrading

Keep in mind that maintenance periods should not be more than a few minutes of downtime. All data and files should be tested, uploaded and switched in an instant.

7. Ignoring Web Standards

Website standards are invented for an important reason. They help users build device-independent apps and websites. Never ignore these guidelines, or else your website can fail.

8. Visualizing the Visuals

If you are depending on WYSIWYG design software, and refuses to learn HTML, then you will never be a successful web developer.

9. Semantics Shemantics

Several web developers go wild with their HTML knowledge, and end up with obvious mistakes. HTML delivers the right amount of content tags you need. Utilize them appropriately.

10. Practicing Presentational Class Names

Using presentational class names are, of course, another cardinal sin in web development. Initially, it appears logical, until your web design changes.


So you’ve constructed your own website, it has cool sliders and capacities, yet it isn’t exactly giving the expert impression that you were searching for. Do you have to hire a web designer to enable you to go all out?

Not really. Despite the fact that an office could take care of your issues, there are a couple of simple and financially savvy tricks that could make your novice website appear as though it was done by a specialist.

Regardless of whether you’re a designer, entrepreneur or engineer, these rules will enable you to make an expertly done website. Let’s begin!

Domain name

The main component of the webpage will be the domain name, which is the reason it’s an essential piece of an expert website. A decent method to begin finding the ideal name is to correlate the domain name with words that depict the business.

Ensure the watchwords are short, straightforward and extraordinary. Endeavor to consider what the guest will scan for to discover the site. Is the website giving client administrations? Incorporate that in the moniker.

For instance: if the business name is Petunia and you are giving design benefits, the area name could be

When the catchphrases have been determined, utilize a Whois query device to examine what other comparative names are out there. In the event that your name is as of now taken, a difference in area augmentation could be the arrangement. Endeavor to keep the area expansion and neighborhood that you pick out pertinent to your business. You can discover precedents and proposals here.

WordPress Themes

In the event that you are taking a gander at making an expert WordPress website, there are a large number of superb subjects to look over. We have assembled a rundown of the 50 best WordPress topics of 2016 to make the procedure less demanding.


Responsive design

As per an examination by StatCounter Global Stats, there were more portable devices and tablets than work area clients on the planet in November 2016.

In light of this, it’s advisable that each website be adjusted for both work area and cell phones. The most ideal approach to do this is to either pick a topic that gives a responsive design and a versatile menu or to begin designing your website for the portable sector first. Spare time by picking or making a design that works for both screen sizes.

Likewise, Google suggests responsive design as a design, since it makes it quicker to deal with numerous pages for a similar substance.

Photography and Sliders

Most current websites utilize extensive scale pictures on their point of arrival to pick up believability, in addition to inspiring the client to connect further with the website by featuring items or administrations. An example of this is the Porsche Macan website, where superb pictures have appeared with an item depiction and a ‘Discover More’ catch.

This is the most ground-breaking approach to give an expert impression of your website despite the fact that it hasn’t been worked on by a specialist. Ensure that the picture is imparting the brand esteems, that the permit allows business use and that the document estimate isn’t too huge, so you can keep the website stacking time low.

Another incredible method to give a decent expert impression by means of astounding symbolism is to utilize a picture slider. There are a few WordPress slider modules to look over that will suit your requirements on CodeCanyon.


Security is the foundation of a website and clients don’t understand this until the point that something turns out badly and the visual angles are influenced. This could be a malware infection, a hack or a module structure change because of a refresh. To keep this from occurring, security upkeep is an extremely vital piece of an expert website.

A couple of security ventures to take into consideration would be to incorporate support up to the website before playing out any updates, setting up standard reinforcements, introducing refreshes, utilizing secure passwords, utilizing an alternate login URL and purchasing an SSL endorsement for your space name.

A large portion of these things should effectively be possible by introducing a security module or by purchasing a website check bundle from a security organization.

Some facilitating organizations incorporate security administrations and devices in their facilitating plans. Ensure you address the supplier to capitalize on your arrangement.

SEO and Keywords

You’ve just picked a remarkable and keen area name that will enable customers to discover the website effectively by composing it into a web crawler. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the ones who are hunting down your administrations out of the blue? Since this work has been done to make the website look splendidly proficient, we need to get them to see it as well. This is where SEO comes in.

Website design enhancement represents site improvement, which is the way toward expanding the traffic to your webpage from web index results. It’s free and simple to do.

In any case, the web crawler calculation is continually changing while your opposition is dealing with their SEO too. This implies you continually need to follow your traffic and become more acquainted with your clients, which is fun, regularly changing a part that the website proprietor can do best. All things considered, who made your objective market superior to you?

To help support the website SEO and make it look proficient, there is a blend of things that should be possible. Initially, make a rundown of catchphrases that you trust your clients will look for to discover you (you could possibly make use of your area, soul seeking watchwords, etc).

Endeavor to make it as explicit as would be prudent. For instance, in the event that you are moving adornments, use watchwords like commitment gems or silver gems watches. Then utilize these catchphrases when composing the duplicate for the website and picture depictions. Reiteration, striking content and title styles for these catchphrases is SEO gold.

This can be joined with modules that will enhance the SEO as per the most recent patterns and track the website examination so you can make changes that will convey more individuals to your webpage.

Kick-ass testimonials

To wrap things up, an extraordinary method to garner faith from potential clients is to demonstrate that others strengthen your cases of being a specialist in your field. In the event that a tribute indicates how the present clients have had positive encounters with your administrations, you have succeeded. Be that as it may, how might you get these tributes?

It’s critical to inspire the present client to answer this inquiry: How did your item or administration take care of their concern, enable them to set aside some cash or enhance something in their lives?

Ensure that your objective gathering can identify with their tributes. This can be accomplished through photos or individual stories. Make it more close to home rather than only an input frame. Notwithstanding, no website guest is going to peruse a long letter to make a custom choice of tributes that are short and clear.

Reward! Additional items

On the off chance that you haven’t had enough, there are more changes that can be made to help your ace profile on the web. Web-based social networking catches increases the offers, following and hence the client advertising. They likewise help drive more traffic to the internet-based life accounts.

An expert contact shape guarantees that the website guest can feel secure sending questions and reach you without accepting spam or an auto-answer.

These are a couple of proposals to help take your website to a higher plane of quality. What different tricks would you be able to think about that would make a website seem as though it was finished by a genius?