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How Travel Companies Can Cut Costs to Make Room for an SEO and PPC Budget

If you are running your own travel agency, then at some point, you already encountered some problems regarding marketing budget.

Usually, travel companies just engage in offline marketing strategies.

The reason behind this? Well, the travel industry is still a very traditional field, and very relationship driven. May travel professionals may have considered online initiatives, but at the end of the day, they are confronted with an issue—their inability to produce additional budget for digital marketing.

Trim down on the following areas to be able to make room for PPC, or any other SEO campaign.

How Travel Companies Can Cut Costs

1. Business Directories and Listings

Check if there is the need to be in any business listing or directory.

2. Workshops and Road Shows

There is no need to invest in all workshops and road shows. If it is not applicable, you an easily single this out. Just set an appointment with the potential partners you want to get in touch with.

3. Industry Trade Shows

Not all trade shows are created equal. Check how many clients you got in the past 5 years. Do the math, and evaluate if it is all worth it.

4. Membership Fees and Associations Fees

The travel industry is a relationship-based landscape. Because of this, every business want to belong to any association. However, some of these don’t really gather any benefits.

How Travel Companies Can Cut Costs

5. Printed Media Adverts

Advertising is expensive, and it’s difficult to measure ROI.

6. Familiarization Trips

These trips are made to familiarize. suppliers with specific products they are promoting. However, in various cases, they regard this as a reward, and send staff members instead. Therefore, it adds very small value.

7. Marketing Contribution and Support

This is a total waste of money, and should be eliminated to every strategy.

8. Brochure Contribution

Is there the need to pay for inclusion for each trade brochure? Check if your ROI, and adjust your campaign accordingly.