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Nowadays, any event management is marketed with the use of social media. But, how do you make sure that you use the platform in a more effective way?

Here are some proven and highly effective social media tactics that every event planner should know:

1. Don’t Think About the Numbers

But rather, think about the experience. What I mean is that you have to make it a point to make the experience as memorable as possible for your guests.

Do not just look at it from a standpoint where you just amass as many people as you can to your event because if you’ve done so but their experience was just “Meh”, then people will not be happy in the end. Think of giving them the best experience possible. Give them reasons to share your event on their social media accounts. Focus on the experience, not on the numbers.

2. Use the Right Platform if You’re Looking to Invite a Specific Audience

If you want to invite a group of specific people to your event, you have to tailor your messages to the specific audience you want to invite.

For instance, if you’re using LinkedIn to market your concert, it might not be a good place to promote your event using the platform since it is only for professionals.

Instead, what you can do is market your party by talking about it on Facebook. Use event hashtags and even link the vendors and sponsors on your event page as well.

3. Embed a Video

Using videos rather than stationary images is better when it comes to promoting your event. Embed a video on your social media page and give it a brief description.

The good thing about this is that you can easily create a relevant video from scratch with the use of programs such as Adobe Spark or Flixpress, for starters.

4. Run a Contest

Do you want to know an effective way to promote your event without actually doing all of the hard work? Well, you can do so by creating a contest.

For instance, you can talk about the party using Facebook and the people with more “Likes” will get to have free tickets along with some people they want to invite as well.

This is a perfect example of the use of social media by just utilizing some of its features to your advantage.

5. Using Live Tweets

During the event, you can help increase the positive experience of your guests by putting up a large screen where they can see some live tweets.

By using a custom event hashtag, people can post their pics and their tweets on their Twitter accounts and you can use a Twitter manager so that their tweets can be posted live and that can be seen on the screen.

6. Create “Stories”

When you use Instagram, you have the ability to create “stories” by uploading a live video or even just posting some pictures.

With the use of the event hashtag, people can easily see the other guests’ stories and it can even help increase event visibility as well.


By using social media, you can help brand visibility and event coverage without really doing a lot of things. All you have to do is know which platform to use and utilize its features to your advantage.