Some Habits that May Lower a Man’s Libido

Although men’s libido typically gets lower as they age, there are some habits that could potentially put a damper on their sex lives as well.

Today, I am going to go over some of the most destructive habits that could lead to a lower sex drive in men. To fix these issues, male enhancement pills in conjunction with positive lifestyle choices can truly help.

Working Too Much

It is understandable for men to be quite competitive even in the workplace but too much work can actually put a damper on your sex life. That is because more hours at work could potentially lead to more stress and fewer hours of sleep.

Not Getting Enough Zinc

Zinc is not only beneficial for health but it is also needed by the body to produce more testosterone- the main male hormone.
That being said, not consuming beef, spinach, oysters, and other foods that contain the said mineral may result in poor sexual health and performance.

Not Getting Emotional with Your Partner

Lower libido can actually be caused by psychological factors as well and a lack of intimacy, believe it or not, can actually decrease libido and desire for sex in men.

Being a Couch Potato

Men who generally live sedentary lives are prone to not have the drive for sex. Testosterone production is ramped up by getting physical- both in bed and in the activities that you do. So, if you are a certified couch potato, you may want to turn on a new leaf and get more active.

Exercising Too Much

Now, becoming more active is always a great idea when it comes to health but working out too much may have a detrimental effect.
According to a study published in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, it was found that men who exercise way more than they should have lower libidos than those who exercise for less than 90 minutes a day.

Not Getting Enough Shut-eye

Sleep is always important for our bodies and not having enough could potentially lead to lower sex drives.

In addition, men who snore typically do not get enough sleep because the air pathways might be blocked by something.

Watching Too Much Porn

In an Italian study, it was found out that men who have the proclivity to binge-watch porn generally have a lesser desire for sex. The researchers have coined the phenomenon as sexual anorexia or what they deem as the fear about sex that could limit their desires.

Avoiding Fish Consumption

Not eating salmon, tuna, and other foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to lower libido. Aside from its obvious benefits to brain and heart health, Omega-3 can actually help balance testosterone levels in men.

Getting Distracted by Their Devices

In the digital age that we live in today, men are generally distracted by their mobile devices. Countless studies suggest that these mobile devices can also affect a man’s inclination to have sex.

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