Overselling 101

Overselling happens a lot in the web hosting world.

How does overselling work?

Well, in the shared server scene, web hosting providers are allocating, selling and managing server spaces. Once you buy a hosting package on a shared server configuration, this means that you are given a maximum amount of bandwidth, RAM, disk space and more.

However, hosting professionals know that many of the clients wouldn’t really need most of those allocations. They know the average amount of allocation each client would use. What happens is, they look for the gap between the maximum allocation and average usage.

At the end of the day, to get the most out of their investment, they sell those gap spaces. This practice is regarded as overselling.

The No Overselling Host List

Are you looking for a top host in Malaysia? Here are some that you can consider. The companies in this list provide shared hosting options for budget-friendly costs, without a no-overselling guarantee.

1.Rose Hosting

Rose Hosting is proud to be the original Linux web host, all with Linux virtual servers. With no overselling and a reliable US-based support team, you can feel confident that this is an amazing choice.


Best Hosting and Design, or simply BH&D, is a one-stop web hosting solution provider offering no overselling web hosting, and website design services. It also guarantees 99.996% uptime–a great offer at this price range.


AltuHost is a well-round web host, providing various web hosting configurations. This platform operates many Tier 3 or much higher data centers all throughout Europe. Its headquarters, though, is in Netherlands.

Ocean Host

Ocean Host is currently pushing its VPS hosting services lately, but it also provides different kinds of configurations, including shared website server hosting. It’s new to the web hosting arena but can meet a vast range of budget and technology requirements.

5.Canvas Host

Canvas Host takes pride in providing sustainable, eco-friendly web hosting practices. It operates on an on-site data facility, providing quality website hosting packages.

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