How to win roulette?

The gambler’s fallacy is a prevalent perception among gamblers that a result that has occurred in the past is likely to occur in the future.

Here’s something that may astound you: the chances of the same number appearing twice in a row are 1 in 1,444—that’s low enough that it’s likely to occur every four or five roulette sessions. You could imagine that after back-to-back victories for the same number, you’re less likely to get a third victory in a row. No, the number that recently won twice in a row has the same chances of showing up as any other number.

In my prior informal test, the green zero space appeared just 7 times out of 600 spins — that’s a little over 1% of the time. Despite being expected to appear 16 times on average, the green zero space underperformed by more than 1.5 percent over 600 spins. Is this a sign that I’m more likely to obtain a zero on future rolls? No, the results of roulette are independent of one another. The game has no memory, and you cannot base your future bets on any previous outcome.

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The only way I’ve ever been able to regularly anticipate winning roulette numbers was to identify a wheel with a bias and figure out its pattern.

If you attempt to forecast roulette numbers in this manner, you have a lot going against you.

For one thing, modern equipment is made of high-quality materials that don’t break down as quickly or as bad as old casino toys did.

Also, casinos know that roulette wheels and other gaming equipment wear and tear, and they are very careful about inspecting, rotating, and replacing things like roulette wheels and other gaming equipment.

The last issue with discovering a broken roulette wheel is following the outcomes and calculating the information to devise a betting strategy based on the wheel’s specific wounds. It is possible that you may need to monitor thousands of outcomes before you identify a significant pattern—in fact, it may take hundreds of thousands.

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There’s no chance the wheel is still in the exact spot you left it after you track and compute everything. Most likely, the damage was discovered and rectified, or the item was completely replaced.

The random distribution of wins and losses that reverts to a mean only after an exceptionally long period of time or string of outcomes is referred to as variance in mathematics. My 600 result string was nowhere near the average number of outcomes per roulette number – but a string of 600 billion outcomes would look a lot more like what the theoretical figures imply.

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