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Web design is an integral part of any and all websites. A perfect website is one that has exceptional functionality and an impeccable design. A good website makes it easier for patrons to explore the website. The website’s design also reflects the company’s image and message it wishes to embody and impart. A good website design will make it easier for patrons to discern this message. A visually pleasing website increases the chances of potential patrons spending time exploring it exponentially. It is human nature to judge things based on visuals alone, so once a website loads all the way, the patrons are immediately put off if the website is poorly designed and is not aesthetically inviting. Dzoo, a Malaysian web design company specializes in creating efficient and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Malaysian Web Design Company

Studies have shown that as many as 75% of users make assumptions about a company’s credibility based on its official website’s design alone. Outdated designs, logos, and fonts may make the visitor question the authenticity of the business and whether it is worth investing in the products and services offered by the said firm. 


The adage first impression is the last impression is held to be true in the realm of web design. The impact a good website design can have on one’s personal perception of a company is unprecedented. If one has a terribly designed website that is not functionally friendly at all, but offers amazing products and services, the clients are not going to care because they are basically disgusted by the less than ideal design and layout of the website. On the other hand, if a company were to offer mediocre products and services but had a wonderful and visually pleasing website, the potential customers would give their business to this company, even if its products are genuinely inferior in comparison to the other company’s products. 


If a website’s layout and content presentation are outdated, then visitors will stop engaging with the content. It is not up for debate, it is a fact. While beauty does hold in the eye of the beholder there are certain aspects of the discipline of design that absolutely have to be observed. 


The Website should be

It should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. 


The Website should Reflect

The very image and core ideals of the company in a way that is easy for the visitors to gage. This will make them want to interact with the website. The website also has to reflect a sense of professionalism and create a digital space where customers can build their trust in regards to the products and services offered. 

Malaysian Web Design Company

The Website should be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly is an absolutely crucial factor when it comes to website design. If a website is not easy to use on a smartphone, then it will limit the audience in a way that can be crippling for the company. 


The Website and SEO Marketing

The final component of website design is not ingrained in the visual details of the website, but rather in the coding of the website. If a beautifully designed website is too heavily code and uses plenty of big images, then it will take a longer time to load. This would mean that those with less patience are going to exit out of the website before it loads all the way. This would negatively impact the SEO marketing of the website. 

Malaysian Web Design Company

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