Choosing the Right Milk for Your Family

Choosing Milk For Family

Starting a family is not easy. It involves quite a lot of challenges that has something to do even with the simplest things. Also, children grow up fast. You need to focus on providing them a good diet, so they’ll grow up fast and healthy. One day, you see yourself buying baby milk bottles in Malaysia, and then next thing you know, you are dealing with teenagers. 

This may sound like a simple matter, but choosing the best milk product for you and your entire family is crucial for overall health. While calcium can be found in many dairy products like cheese, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, fortified tofu, yogurt and milk, there are still lots of milk alternatives you can consider. 

Cow’s milk is the easiest type of milk to serve on the family dining table. Right after breastfeeding your child until 1 year, you can start introducing cow’s milk when weaning. If you are feeding her formula milk, you can change to cow’s milk at 1 year of age. Vitamin D-fortified, full fat milk is highly recommended. Right after turning 2 years old, you can start serving everyone low-fat milk.

Several children thrive on diet that includes 2 glass of milk each day. Giving a kid more than that can result to anemia. There are also lots of children who can’t digest the sugar found in milk because they are lactose intolerant, or sensitive to cow milk proteins. 

Milk substitutes like coconut milk or rice milk don’t have enough protein content to be a good choice. Moreover, many kids are allergic to soy milk and cow’s milk. Consult your physician before offering it to your child.

Important Reminders:

  • According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, organic milk has no proven benefits.
  • The milk you will serve to your family must be pasteurized to lessen the risks of serious infections.
  • Goat’s milk is not completely safe. It doesn’t have a complete range of nutrients children need, as well as the right amount of iron and B vitamins. Moreover, it has the wrong mix of protein and electrolytes, increasing the risk of kidney damage and anemia. 
  • Toddler formulas are not necessary. If your kid is gaining weight normally, you can begin full-fat cow’s milk after 1 year old. 
  • Skip milk products which are flavored with flavors like chocolate, since these variants are typically high in sugar.

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