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Purchasing Web Hosting For Your B2B Company

Top web hosting servers is certainly not an unmistakable administration. You can’t generally observe or contact it. Because of that, it’s anything but difficult to accept that all web hosting plans are equivalent, or that it does not merit burning through cash on.

Presently, to completely comprehend the different estimating types accessible in web hosting, it’s imperative to realize what you’re really paying for when you purchase web hosting, and what the hosting company is spending your cash on.

1. Server farms

Obviously, server farms must sit someplace, so the additional cost is paid for the physical area of a server. These are generally huge structures lodging hundreds or even a large number of servers.

These structures and each bit of hardware in them must be all around watched, cooled, and kept up for ampleness. Server farms use bunches of power, and they should be situated in a spot that has the accessibility of high transfer speed, the rapid web gets to.

2. Programming

While most of the product utilized by web hosting utilizes is Open Source, it doesn’t have any significant bearing to everything. Prominently, the most famous control board that is accessible for web hosting bookkeeping management (cPanel) is protected programming that must be authorized and paid for.

In the event that you need a Windows hosting plan, the majority of the product on the server is protected, and that is the reason Windows hosting is regularly more exorbitant than Linux hosting. Which is the essential motivation behind why it’s constantly fitting to utilize Windows hosting on the off chance that you have a particular requirement for that platform.

3. Servers

Despite the fact that you will never observe it, the physical hardware (the servers themselves) is one of the greatest costs of web hosting. These are ground-breaking and quick rack-mounted PCs.

Utilizing better, and increasingly costly gear is a standout amongst the most effective things that superior web hosting organizations could do to upgrade their administration. Quicker gear here methods quicker site load times, which is useful for both you and your site clients.

4. Backing

On the off chance that you need to find a brief solution when you convey an email or call somebody, you’ll need to utilize a hosting company, as Hostpapa, which offers a prevalent dimension of client support.

The help may come as itemized guides, FAQs, telephone support, learning base articles, help work area ticketing framework or email support. Proactive server management can likewise be thought of as a type of help.

Much the same as everything else, you can expect that an extremely far-reaching emotionally supportive network will be more costly than a generally equivalent hosting bundle without a decent help program.


The most suitable and best web hosting for you can maintain and run your website. A hosting service is intended to store photos, documents, text and more in server files on your website. When a website visitor browses your site, the files in the folder of the website that allow visitors to view their website are loaded.

While you can publish your website by setting up a server yourself, high costs prevent it from functioning. So web hosting companies can make sure their customers save money by storing their websites files on their servers so ensuring the websites work.

Additionally, program upgrades, improvements, security and more are provided.

Remember that not all providers of web hosting are the same:

Price variation–the lowest hosting package on the internet starts at RM99 per year, with more or less chargeable hosting companies.

The disparity in website performance–load speed is dependent on two things: the quality of the content hosted on your website and your customers’ Internet connection.

Security and cyber security- In today’s digital world, unique security and cyber safety risks are very general. Ensure a better web host is given for security.

Basic Terms

Servers–They host the applications available on the internet and websites people visit.
Domains– These are names that help you keep your website in your browser and locate it.
Top-level Domains-This is the extension of the domain or a section following the ‘dot’ symbol. It is the extension of the domain. And the most common are .com, .org and many more.
Subdomains–To create multiple domain names, you can modify your current domain name.
Content Management System— a system for designing and maintaining the website and its content. WordPress, for instance, is one of the world’s most popular CMS.
Bandwidth–Many web hosting companies restrict the server’s sending and receiving of information to limit your access to resources. Many web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth preparation.

Plan in Best Hosting

Hosting plans–bandwidth, efficiency and features contracts. In other words, the greater the specifications the higher the output.
Shared hosting – Numerous websites will run under one server .
VPS (Virtual Private Server) – an environment copies a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment.
Cloud hosting–Tools are required to improve performance and maximize scalability.
Reseller hosting–you can reoffer the web host’s services and launch your hosting company with the same hosting type.
Managed Hosting–management of network operations.

Complex Terms in Web Hosting

SSL certificate–It demonstrates that the details and security of your website can be safeguarded and encrypted with HTTPS.
Website and domain migration–How a new hosting provider moves a platform and a domain.
Site builders–Powerful website development tools to create a site without knowledge of programming.
Online sales and transfers of goods and services are also classified as e-computer trade.
Domain Name System (DNS)-Server to which the database has a domain name. DNA. DNA.

Web hosting control panel— a full console for the interactive device maintenance of your Web Hosting.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)–You can transfer your data from your computer to your system with this program.


What to Look for In A Web Host

On the first look, most web has seemed pretty comparable. Be that as it may, when you look carefully, there’s a HUGE difference between them.

In case you’re a beginner, one approach to thinking about your best website hosting have is as your website’s engine or establishments. It must be solid, quick, and reliable. So, as you read through our rundown, here are the central matters you’re searching for:

1. Speed

On the off chance that you need your website to stack rapidly, a great web has essential. This is your engine, remember. We need a quick engine! Google advises that web have servers ought to respond inside 200ms. At Bitcatcha, we measure server speed and give every host a score from A+ to D.

2. The speed where your audience is

Server speed varies over the world. Why? Because the web has located their servers in different pieces of the globe. So, your web host may be super quick in Malaysia, yet delayed in the US. In the event that your audience is generally Malaysian, choose a web have with quick speeds in that region. On the off chance that your audience is worldwide, choose a host that responds well everywhere throughout the world. That is the reason the Bitcatcha speed checker gives you server speed from eight different areas.

3. Uptime

“Uptime” is measured by a percentage, and it tells you how often a web host’s servers are ‘up’ or working. You need a web to have with the highest possible uptime. Search for at any rate 99.8% or higher.

4. Security

Search for the web has solid security credentials to help keep it safe from hacks. Specifically, a web has programmed updates, and malware examining is ideal.

5.Customer service

In the event that something goes amiss with your website, it’s great to know there’s someone to help you out. Search for a web has with all day, every day/365 human customer service. Search for your preferred choices as well, whether it’s phone access, online talk, or a ticket system.

6. Reinforcements

A decent web host will keep programmed reinforcements of your website in the event of some unforeseen issues.

7. Storage and transmission capacity

This is fundamentally how much information you can store on your website (images, content, etc.) and how much traffic you are allowed. More is generally better, yet choose the correct level for your site. (i.e., on the off chance that you run a little website, don’t pay for more than you need).

8. Price

Price is continually going to be a consideration. Be that as it may, don’t necessarily settle for the cheapest. It can end up causing you more problems in the future. Choose the price that gives you the features you need (and a little space to develop).


The most efficient way of finding out if a website hosting provider can provide high-quality service is reading their history. Previous records can be predictive of a company’s future performance. iPage is one of those web hosts that has been providing reliable services for a long period of time. It has been in business since 1995, and is known for providing great value to its clients.

If you are looking for a web host for your new ecommerce website or blog, iPage is the way to go. There are plenty of iPage reviews in Malaysia you can browse, to check if its features can help you accomplish your goals.


Many webmasters recommend iPage. It utilizes the fastest machines available in the market today, and uses reliable servers to support websites. Their team owns more than 800 servers, that can cater to clients’ needs 24/7. Moroever, iPage provides a security suit which can be used exclusively by iPage subscribers. This includes a account-specific spam and malware scanning, security badge and domain verification.

iPage employs a one-of-a-kind web hosting architecture where websites are served by redundant servers, instead of one backup server.


For many people, price is a crucial factor when looking for a web host. iPage shines in this aspect. On average, a provider charges a client for about $5 to $6 each month just for a basic hosting web plan. iPage, on the other hand, offers only $3.50 every month. This is already a brilliant deal, considering what comes with its basic plan. It provides plenty of beginner tools that will help you create your web pages, even if you have no coding experience.

Control Panel

If you are searching for a web host, one of the most essential things to inquire about is the kind of control panel they utilize. Not all web hosts use one. iPage uses a vDeck control panel. It executes more than 75 services and tools, making the work easier, more manageable for people. You would have easy access to your account information, and extensive domain registration tools.

Customer Service

Businesses must always offer quality customer service. If a company is offering incredible customer service, most likely, customers will return over again. As a client, fi you need a helping hand, their team must be able to attend to your needs in an efficient, timely manner. iPage’s quality and timely response to customer inquiries is first rate. Their phone support is open at any time off the day.


Top web hosting in Malaysia?

As an online entrepreneur, you need to figure out how to love traffic. Truth be told, traffic should as much as possible. Discussing traffic to your site, your presentation pages, eBay or Amazon store, your blog, or whatever other online land that you have set up. Your site resembles a store in a shopping center. Every one of those shops is competing for their consideration.

You will do something very similar with your online customer facing facade. You will convey a wide scope of methodologies and techniques for pulling in the consideration of your objective market and convincing them to visit your webpage with the goal that they sign up to be a piece of your email list or read your online shop and purchase something.

Traffic Driving Tools

Driving traffic is a basic piece of any online endeavor. Truth be told, it’s the absolute first thing you should accomplish for making a gainful and profitable showcasing pipe for your online business.

Even, however, one traffic driving apparatus may get a huge number of qualified prospects one day, no one can tell what could happen the following. So it’s imperative to have different wellsprings of traffic, so you have a “reinforcement” and your business doesn’t go under.

Try not to give that a chance to be you. What’s more, it won’t be, on the grounds that you are going to utilize an assortment of traffic drivers with your online business.


It can be a key method to drive significant, qualified traffic to your site. This is what I mean. When someone looks for a point identified with your specialty, you need your site or greeting page to appear as high in the query items as could be expected under the circumstances.

You make your webpage search cordial by including great content and keywords and key expressions in your site duplicate that identifies with your specialty. You should likewise put those watchwords in your webpage title, space name, depiction, slogan, blog classes, page titles, and page content (this is “back office” work your website specialist can do, or you can do yourself whenever run your very own website).

Content Marketing

This is a piece of site design improvement in a manner since search engines nowadays esteem great substance when deciding outcomes. Which means, you can’t simply stuff a page with keywords and hope to have a decent positioning. You have to create enlightening articles for your site or blog that web indexes find helpful. Once more, it can’t be exaggerated that the way to progress with site improvement and substance showcasing is to create excellent unique substance all the time.

Get Social

It’s unavoidable. If you work together online nowadays you need to engage in social media. An enormous measure of traffic goes to social locales and administrations like Twitter, ​YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Your objective market is certainly via web-based networking media… and in incredible numbers. To do that you ought to keep up a powerful social media presence.


Overselling happens a lot in the web hosting world.

How does overselling work?

Well, in the shared server scene, web hosting providers are allocating, selling and managing server spaces. Once you buy a hosting package on a shared server configuration, this means that you are given a maximum amount of bandwidth, RAM, disk space and more.

However, hosting professionals know that many of the clients wouldn’t really need most of those allocations. They know the average amount of allocation each client would use. What happens is, they look for the gap between the maximum allocation and average usage.

At the end of the day, to get the most out of their investment, they sell those gap spaces. This practice is regarded as overselling.

The No Overselling Host List

Are you looking for a top host in Malaysia? Here are some that you can consider. The companies in this list provide shared hosting options for budget-friendly costs, without a no-overselling guarantee.

1.Rose Hosting

Rose Hosting is proud to be the original Linux web host, all with Linux virtual servers. With no overselling and a reliable US-based support team, you can feel confident that this is an amazing choice.


Best Hosting and Design, or simply BH&D, is a one-stop web hosting solution provider offering no overselling web hosting, and website design services. It also guarantees 99.996% uptime–a great offer at this price range.


AltuHost is a well-round web host, providing various web hosting configurations. This platform operates many Tier 3 or much higher data centers all throughout Europe. Its headquarters, though, is in Netherlands.

Ocean Host

Ocean Host is currently pushing its VPS hosting services lately, but it also provides different kinds of configurations, including shared website server hosting. It’s new to the web hosting arena but can meet a vast range of budget and technology requirements.

5.Canvas Host

Canvas Host takes pride in providing sustainable, eco-friendly web hosting practices. It operates on an on-site data facility, providing quality website hosting packages.


Cloud computing technology has been around for years now and it has increasingly become the go-to when it comes to different industry sectors. In fact, top cloud hosting companies is one of the most popular search terms in Google right now when it comes to this niche.

Despite it being a robust solution, there are still some problems that industries face when it comes to cloud computing technology. Here are just some of them:

Outsourcing IT

There are some businesses that would like to manage their IT services in-house and although this is a way for them to somehow save on costs, the contrary is actually true.

You see, not all IT divisions in a company are skilled enough to handle the tasks that are needed, especially when it comes to handling websites.

The good thing, though, is that most cloud hosting providers out there are able to give you the best possible services with a minimal fee that is.

Cloud Migration

Most industry sectors are now using cloud services for their business operations. Whenever they have to upload their data to cloud servers, that is usually where the problem lies.

You see, not a lot of people know exactly how to optimize certain processes, especially since cloud migration is something of a new thing for most businesses. Couple that with the ever-changing technological landscape, you are left with nowhere to go.

I do advocate that you migrate to cloud services than using conventional means of storing data, but you have to get a good cloud service provider to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Carrying Over Current Applications

There are certain services that companies use that are locked-in on a certain vendor. This presents a problem whenever you migrate to another service provider as there may be a risk of starting all over again (which is something that a company must not do).

Find a provider that uses OpenStack technology to help you overcome the limitations of vendor lock-ins. Also, have the provider help you with the transition as this is part of the services that you pay for.

Data Storage and Security

Data privacy is a must because most companies have sensitive information that they do not want to divulge to the public (which is also the reason why they go for cloud-based services instead).

It is critical that you go with a hosting service that provides you multiple facets of security to ensure that your data will not be compromised.

For instance, do they conduct frequent data backups? Are their servers scattered all over the world so it would be hard to pinpoint the exact location of the data? Do they provide disaster recovery plans in the event of an untoward incident?

Remember, you are paying good money for these services, which is why you need to make it a point that you’re getting your money’s worth. Data security and storage are two of the most important aspects which you should look at in a particular hosting service.