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Reading is one of the hobbies that young people have today. Reading is a way to get information from something written. By reading we will get the knowledge that we may not get in everyday life. Reading involves recognizing the symbols that make up a language. Reading and listening are the two most common ways to get information. Information gleaned from reading can include entertainment, especially when reading fiction or humor. Reading basically consists of two parts, namely reading as a process and reading as a product. Reading as a process refers to activities that are both mental and physical while reading as a product refers to the consequences of activities carried out while reading. Reading culture is an attitude and action or deed to read that is carried out regularly and continuously. A person who has a reading culture is that the person has been used to and processed for a long time in his life, always using some of his time to read. Reading culture is a good habit to do to train the brain to absorb all the good information received by a person under certain conditions and times. Reading sources can be get from books, newspapers, tabloids, the internet, etc. We recommend reading positive things. Good information will yield good results for you too.

In the midst of the rise of manga comics that are in demand by many young people today, we as ordinary people wonder what is manga actually.

Manga is comics or graphic novels created in Japan or in the Japanese language, according to the style developed there in the late 19th century. Manga has a long and complex early history in earlier Japanese art. Comics are a favorite reading medium for some people in Indonesia. Reading comics has become a habit or hobby for some people. Various types of titles, genres, and types of comics have been found in the world and also in Indonesia. In this digital era, printed comics are challenged by the changing times that have moved from the printed book system to digital books. This study wants to see how the opinion of the comic fan community about the displacement that has occurred in the comic world. In the existing dualism, each version of the printed comic or digital comic has its own charm for its fans. Comics have become an alternative medium for reading which is a hobby for some people. The convergence of comics this time received mixed responses from the audience. Digital and print comics still have an interesting side for the audience to continue reading and collecting them. The story in a manga is usually printed in black and white, although there is some manga that is full color (Colorful). In Japan, manga is usually serialized in popular manga magazines—often containing multiple stories, and each manga is contained in one chapter and continues into the next issue. The bundled chapters are usually republished in tankōbon volumes, and sometimes in hardback books. A manga illustrator (mangaka in Japanese) usually works with several assistants in a small studio and liaises with the creative editors of a commercial publishing company. If a manga series is popular enough, it can be turned into an anime after the story ends or as long as it continues. Sometimes, a manga is based on a live-action film or another animated film. Why do young people today prefer to read manga books online? Because it is very easy to access, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Find manga collection to read online.