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 Latest NFT Projects

Do you know what an NFT is?

If you don’t, NFT stands for non-fungible token, which means something that is unique in its existence, where it cannot be replaced with anything else. For instance, you must know about bitcoin. A bitcoin is something that is fungible, as it can be traded for money or for another form of cryptocurrency, for the same value. So let’s hear about some of the latest NFT projects

NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a form of emerging cryptocurrency that we see in all the currencies we see like Bitcoin, Binance and Dogecoin. As time has passed, other blockchains have started to implement their own takes on NFTs but Ethereum is the main currency that started it all. 

How Do NFTs Work?

Well, NFTs can be presented in many forms. From drawings, to JPEGs, music and more, there is no virtually no limit to what kind of digital art can be turned into an NFT to be sold and profited off of. It’s meant to create a concept of fine art collection, but with digital art instead. 

NFTs are usually designed by artists to give you a one of a kind piece of art that you will not be able to find anywhere, which is the ownership of the artwork. When you purchase an art piece from an NFT artist, you will keep the art but the artist will be able to keep the reproduction rights and copyright of the artwork. Then again, talking about digital art, having a copy of an art piece (unoriginal) is just as good as having an original copy of the art. But the NFT world provides a market for artists so that they can profit from the digital artwork, in case there is no physical market to house their specific genre of art. 

What are some of the latest NFT projects?

 Latest NFT Projects

Although the NFT world just started a few years ago, it’s constantly evolving according to the market and the trends. Nowadays NFTs are not just limited to artwork anymore, as they’ve integrated themselves into the fashion industry. 

Currently the NFT world has opened up its space to house talented fashion designers who are intrigued by the true potential of the crypto & NFT world that they can tap into using their fashion designs. Of course, it’s important that fashion brands and designers try their best to be early adopters of the digital environment, as once it gets even more popular among the industry players, it may be harder to make your stand. It also really engages and encourages the younger generation to shop with them as it shows that you are in with the times. 

If you are curious to find out about the latest NFT projects that you can mint from, you should check out NFTeller and subscribe to their NFT calendar so you can always be updated. If you do, you will never have to go out of your way to find out what’s new in the NFT world as you will always be updated by the calendar! Read our article about the evolution of NFTs here


Business plan establishment is a crucial episode for its initiator when creating business. In this present article, there is step by step details that all author wanting to create business have to be familiar with and comprehend.

As a result, the business plan must, be flawless, both in substance and in form. It’s about being methodical and rigorous in building a solid business plan. Establishing a business plan is a must to start a business.


First step


The business author must be sure to have sufficient knowledge of the market. For that, here is a list of questions that would not to be overlooked:

What is the size of the targeted market? Local, national, global? So it is compulsory for the initiator of business to understand the overall of targeted market and its local or place.

How many customers do you plan to attract? The targeted consumers are the center of business development. As a result, this step need to be considered carefully.

What is the state of the market? Who are the major players in the market? This two questions are another reasons to be familiar with market state and trends of market.

Is your activity a BtoB or BtoC activity? This classification of business state is radical mainly in the registration with the legally organization.

For Malaysia procedure, the Malaysian Business Commission i.e. SSM is the legally organization for business registration. If there is no precise concept about the business name, aim, activity sized and sector, the corporation cannot be established according terms of law.

Apart from that, the business initiator needs to apprehend the expectations of the targeted market.


After having answered these few questions, two scenarios have to be considered. If the offer is 100% original, innovative and matches to the market expectation, it is time to launch the business! Contrarily, if there is any similarity in the offer and others, there is some risk specifically when the market rate is low and very competitive.


Second step


You have the right profile to put the odds of success on your side. For that, here is a list of questions that needs to be considered:

What experience do you have in business management? Do you have manager training? For that, if the author of business is not able to establish management, then there is alternative to seek expert intervention.

Do you have a large network of acquaintances? The trade or business development works accordingly the relation scale.

Have you gone through an organization or association for entrepreneurial support?

Are you aware of the financial risks that starting a business involves?

Do you currently have sufficient resources to embark on the adventure and maintain yourself for some time without an income?


Third step


The author of business must be certain that your commercial and marketing strategies are perfect! For that, here is a list of questions not to be ignored:

Do you know your future customers?

What are your market segments? This market area depends mainly in local and state development in general of the cases.

Have you perfected the organization of your sales force?

Do you have marketing knowledge? Have you put in place a marketing plan, a sales pitch? If the author of business have not marketing background, the best solution is to request expert elaboration in marketing domain. The aim is to avoid any risk along the business cycle.


Fourth step


It is essential for initiator to know how to find funding i.e. financing for the project. For more enlightenment, here is more or less points to be acquainted with:

How much do you need to finance your project, in general? Specifically for investor of business, the initiator requires to precise the need value to begin the project.


The business group and personals presentation

Counter To Register Sdn. Bhd. Business

Keep in mind the importance of presenting the founding team must be taken into account. To create a personalized business plan, in which the values ​​of the founders are reflected, it is essential to present the training, background, and skills of each member of the team. The role of each co-founder, future partners of the company, should also be specified in the business plan.

Then, it is also necessary to designate the person who will have the role of a legal representative of the company and manager.

Besides, you have to expose the values ​​of your project. It is also essential to set out in your business plan the values ​​that drive the management team and that are the starting point for their motivation. These corporate values ​​can be the sense of service, expertise in an area or the social impact of the project.