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Steel flanges malaysia

The operational life and safety of the piping systems for hot water supply, cold water supply, heating and floor heating are determined not only by which pipes you used, but also by which fittings the installation was carried out. Since the types of pipes may differ, fittings of all common types are presented on the sale of our online store in Malaysia, their installation is used to connect metal-plastic, polypropylene, steel and HDPE pipelines.

The range of our products is diverse not only in the quality of the fittings sold, but also in price, since the cost of products is in a wide range – from inexpensive models to ultra-modern developments that cannot be called very cheap.

In the Steel flanges malaysia catalog you will find products of European quality, a guarantee is offered for all fittings, which makes our products even more profitable. Our consultants will, at any time, recommend suitable fittings and tell you which one is better to buy for an apartment, and which one is better to buy for a house with pipeline networks combined in production materials. Contact our managers if you do not know how to calculate the radiator sections, or are in doubt about the choice of related equipment.

Fittings for polypropylene pipes

In the Steel flanges Malaysia catalog you will find fittings for polypropylene pipes Firat (Turkey), which are suitable for the installation of heating and water supply pipelines. The connection of pipes using these fittings is carried out by welding, so the system is reliable and tight.

Steel pipe fittings

The online store Steel flanges Malaysia will offer you to buy fittings for steel pipes presented by the following manufacturing companies:

Fittings for steel pipes NTM (Italy) – the production of this company is more than 25 years, during this time it was able to improve both the manufacturing technology itself and the materials for the production of fittings.

Fittings for steel pipes Tiemme (Italy) – certified products with a long service life. Products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards, while having a low cost.

XLPE Pipe Fittings

In this group, the online store Steel flanges Malaysia offers its customers to buy fittings for pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene of the Rehau trademark (Germany). In the catalog you will find high-strength elbows at 45 and 90 degrees, adapters, reducing and equal-bore couplings, as well as mounting sleeves – in general, everything you need to create a sealed pipeline based on XLPE pipes.

HDPE pipe fittings

Trying to satisfy the requirements of its customers, the Steel flanges Malaysia online store has selected fittings for HDPE pipes from the most reliable European manufacturers, you will buy from us:

Fittings for HDPE pipes of the STP trademark (Spain) – products of this brand are very easy to install and do not require the use of complex professional tools. Before going on sale, all models are tested for hydraulic resistance at pressures up to 16 atm, which characterizes them as one of the most reliable in their class.

Steel flanges malaysia