4 New Web Design Elements You Should Think of Adding to Your Site

New design elements are constantly added into the mix making your website even more dynamic than ever before based on the custom website design.

Below are just some of these elements and that you should consider adding them to your website to increase its aesthetic appeal.

  1. Lightbox and Hover Effects

Ever been to a website where a message bubble just pops out somewhere on the screen prompting a user to take action, say, filling up forms, for example?

That is just an example of a Lightbox and even though it may look intrusive, it is carefully implemented so that it doesn’t really get in the way of the user’s browsing experience.

Hover effects are just animations that appear whenever a user hovers their mouse over a particular element on the website.

By adding these website effects, it really increases customer engagement and being that it is interactive, it also helps with retention as well.

  1. Parallax Scrolling

Have you ever come across a website where you scroll down and the background “moves” with you? This is actually just an illusion of depth and the actual term for that is known as the “Parallax Scrolling Effect”.

Although this has been released a few years already, most web designers still haven’t used this as their standard as they cling to old habits, I guess.

In essence, the Parallax Scrolling Effect makes clever use of the background and some color strips in the foreground to induce this perceived illusion of depth. Be sure to try adding this to your website as it is a great upgrade over the conventional scrolling method.

  1. Grids

Websites nowadays now adhere to the standard of minimalism. No need for walls of text and there is no need for flashy animations. All you need to make an image-based website pop out more is the use of grids.

Grid layouts are essentially a way for you to present your images in a neater way. It doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned; actually, the best use of grids is to make the different images appear as though one is above the other and so on.

I just love grid layouts because everything looks neater and more beautiful. In fact, if you use it well, you can pretty much make your images pop out, even more, making it a bit more prominent than the usual way you present your pictures.

  1. A More Streamlined Use of Both Parallax Scrolling and Imagery

With the combination of both parallax scrolling and grid layouts, you can present images in a more unique way.

Whenever a person scrolls down, the added depth and the careful position of the images make it seem that the pictures “come to life” so to speak.

By adding using this unique way of presentation, your site visitors will most likely come back as they deem your website as a unique place to see amazing imagery and content.


New web design trends are constantly being added and you should consider some, if not all, of them to make your website look fresh and lively.

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