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1. Select the best online casino games.

There are tons of online casino games in Thailand you can try, so choosing among them can be
overwhelming. At some point, you will be tempted to try all of them! Instead of trying your luck
on various games, it’s better to focus on 1 to 2 games. Learn them well. You can even use your
bonuses to try each one of them without financial obligations. It’s all for practice to improve
your skills.

2. Come up with a strategy.

It’s easier to earn small amounts of cash in online slots, since they have more frequent payouts
and easy to learn. If you want to master 2 games, choose one that has a low jackpot, and another
one with a big jackpot. By doing so, you can strike a balance between small bonuses and big wins.

3. Take advantage of casino bonuses and special offers.

One of the main advantages online gambling have offer brick and mortar ones is the several gifts
and promotions they provider to attract new people to their portal. These special offers provide
free cash to try different casino games. No strings attached, and without incurring financial risks.
Casino rewards and bonuses are changing the nature of the online gambling industry, since a lot
of players are already preferring websites over physical alternatives.

4. Know when to stop.

When do you think is the best time to quit the game, and stock all of your losses? While it’s great
to stick to one good strategy, on some occasions, even the best techniques are bound to fail. You
will be left with nothing but a diminished casino bankroll and regrets. If that happens, just accept
the fact that luck is not with you today. Just try again next time.

5. Quit while you are still winning.

Quit while you are still ahead of the game. Winning a big amount of money is exciting, but don’t
push your luck too hard. Sometimes, it’s best not to try for bigger jackpots. Chances are, you will
end up losing more.


Free Bet Blackjack Basics

Are you interested in learning Free Bet Blackjack as part of the togel singapore? Reading all the rules wouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. This short article can teach you the basics, so you can enjoy playing it with your friends.

Free Bet is actually very easy to play. After the player’s first wager, he can split pair wagers and make double-downs for free. It has approval from Nevada Gaming Control Board, and already went through some field trial.

This game is Geoff Hall’s invention, and is under Shuffle Entertainment’s distribution. You can definitely play soon at various clubs across the country.

Free Bet already went through various modifications, but you don’t need to worry. Its house edge is below .7%, since it is played on blackjack with 3-2.

Learn the basic free bet play.

Free Bet is played using a standard card deck. This means there should be no wild cards or jokers.  Blackjack’s standard rules apply, including table maximums and minimums. Games on one deck table are also offered. This is where blackjack pays 6-5.

There are some new rules to follow when playing Free Bet.

  • Double-down is free on hard 11, 10 and 9
  • Splits are free on every pair except 4′s and tens
  • Up to Four re-splits (free), with Aces
  • Double-down is free after one split
  • Normal double for any 2 cards, even after a free split


So why is it “free”? Once a player reaches hard total of 11, 10 or 9, even after he draws cards, there is a chance to double-down on the house money.

The player can make a regular wager. Then, the house can match that wager at any given time once the player reaches 11, 9, or 10, then double down.

It will be matched with a special button. If a win would be handed, it will be paid the exact amount as the initial wager. There is no need to risk more cash. If you want, you can double down on another hand using your own money. This can be done even after a free split.

Remember that blackjack’s standard rules are not modified on Free Bet.

Make sure to strategize when playing Free Bet!

What is the most evident change when it comes to strategy?

It is to double down for free on 10, l1 or 9 against any up-card. Consequently, you may want to split for free on any other pair aside from 10’s (don’t split), 5’s (free double) and 4’s (against 6 and 5 up-card only).

When it comes to soft hands, you should double down only against a dealer 6 up-card with soft 18, 17 and 16. Nevertheless, if you have a free split and soft 16 until soft 20, you can double-down (this one is not free) against a dealer 6-up.

You can also double down (only after a free split) against an up-card dealer 5, with a soft 17 until 19. Make sure not to double on any more soft hands.

Free Bet will give a player more chances to win more free money. This is without taking risks. Great advantage, right? During most blackjack sessions, the line between losing and winning is hitting splits and double-downs. In Free Bet, you can risk less. Once you hit your doubles and splits, you’ll surely enjoy a win.