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Starting a family is not easy. It involves quite a lot of challenges that has something to do even with the simplest things. Also, children grow up fast. You need to focus on providing them a good diet, so they’ll grow up fast and healthy. One day, you see yourself buying baby milk bottles in Malaysia, and then next thing you know, you are dealing with teenagers. 

This may sound like a simple matter, but choosing the best milk product for you and your entire family is crucial for overall health. While calcium can be found in many dairy products like cheese, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, fortified tofu, yogurt and milk, there are still lots of milk alternatives you can consider. 

Cow’s milk is the easiest type of milk to serve on the family dining table. Right after breastfeeding your child until 1 year, you can start introducing cow’s milk when weaning. If you are feeding her formula milk, you can change to cow’s milk at 1 year of age. Vitamin D-fortified, full fat milk is highly recommended. Right after turning 2 years old, you can start serving everyone low-fat milk. 

Several children thrive on diet that includes 2 glass of milk each day. Giving a kid more than that can result to anemia. There are also lots of children who can’t digest the sugar found in milk because they are lactose intolerant, or sensitive to cow milk proteins. 

Milk substitutes like coconut milk or rice milk don’t have enough protein content to be a good choice. Moreover, many kids are allergic to soy milk and cow’s milk. Consult your physician before offering it to your child. 

Important Reminders:

  • According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, organic milk has no proven benefits.
  • The milk you will serve to your family must be pasteurized to lessen the risks of serious infections.
  • Goat’s milk is not completely safe. It doesn’t have a complete range of nutrients children need, as well as the right amount of iron and B vitamins. Moreover, it has the wrong mix of protein and electrolytes, increasing the risk of kidney damage and anemia. 
  • Toddler formulas are not necessary. If your kid is gaining weight normally, you can begin full-fat cow’s milk after 1 year old. 
  • Skip milk products which are flavored with flavors like chocolate, since these variants are typically high in sugar.

Keeping up your newborn child’s cleanliness can be one of the most disagreeable pieces of child-rearing if your blessed little messenger chooses, he’s not in the temperament. However, it is one of the most significant keys to keeping your child solid. 

Nail cutting 

While cutting minor nails, guardians should be mindful so as not to over-trim. Pediatricians prescribe us utilizing minor scissors and to keep a slight white region stretching out from the nail. 

“You are never going to get those nails short enough so the infant can’t scratch his face.” Look at our infant preparing packs page on the off chance that despite everything you haven’t got one. 

We additionally have a more brilliant answer for infant nail cutting – our Electric Baby Nail Trimmer: 

Shower time 

Not all preparing propensities are fundamentally a battle, however. Shower time can be entertaining for individuals who love to play with shower toys. 

A few guardians shower their children two-three times each week to avert dry skin; they especially center around the face, diaper zone, and hands. That is actually what guardians ought to do. 

Guardians should focus on the mouth and diaper area. A cleaning around like clockwork ought to be adequate. 

Newborn children don’t require full showers; cleaning them down with a washcloth is extraordinary. For children who haven’t lost the umbilical rope yet, hold off on the understanding that zone wet until a couple of days after it falls off. 

For hair care, we prescribe utilizing delicate shampoos and reminds guardians: Trying to scour it off will just aggravate the skin. 

Keeping babies loose 

For children who get furious each opportunity shower opportunity arrives, pediatricians prescribe attempting to decide the reason for the infant’s uneasiness. 

Now and again, the infants feel powerless in light of the fact that they are slipping around a ton.” 

Guardians state – in which case, they have to keep a firmer handle on the youngster. A decent answer for this issue is our Cross-Shaped Baby Bath Net Seat

The opposite side, cold air may be a factor; You can take care of this issue for by placing a space warmer in the restroom. 

Scouring salves on the children after shower time leaves tears speechless. Utilizing a lavender-scented infant item, for instance, offers to both parent and kid and enables set aside a few minutes in the tub additionally unwinding. 

Remaining quiet enables the whole procedure to go well and all the more easily. 

Children are truly adept at grabbing on their folks’ uneasiness.” 

Relax during shower time, and your kid will tail you, as well. 

A few guardians tag-group shower time – one washes the children while different prepares baby clothes and cream to roll. It’s a quieting to part of the arrangement loud toys or diversions, she says. It’s only an unwinding, charming family occasion. 

Security tips for child washing 

Obviously, guarding your baby during shower time is principal. What’s more, we have a couple of tips to ensure your little one gets perfect, mishap-free. 

With regards to warm water temperature, guardians must be cautious that they don’t coincidentally consume the youngster. Guardians should turn their home’s water radiator down to the vitality sparing level, and consistently try things out before putting the tyke inside. 

Guardians must hold a hand under the water for at any rate five seconds to ensure the temperature is OK. You can likewise check our Baby Thermometers here. Continuously better to test the definite temperature of the water before the shower. 

Ensure the floor is dry, so you won’t slip while conveying the infant. Fend off every single electronic gadget from the water and never leave the child unattended. 

Unplanned bath drownings represented 66% of the at-home suffocating passings among kids answered to the U.S. Customer Product Safety Commission somewhere in the range of 1996 and 1999. 

While washing a small kid, a great choice to hold the tyke is to stretch around the back and hold the tyke under their armpits. We suggest that guardians keep a decent grasp on two pieces of the kid while conveying the person in question. 

On the off chance that another parent is uncertain how to hold a kid, their pediatrician’s office can demonstrate to them how.


Being a new mom is an overwhelming matter. One day, you see yourself shopping for baby bibs and jogging strollers in Malaysia, then in the next week weeks, you are having issues with breastfeeding. This new life with a loving child will be quite an adventure.

Having a smooth, pleasant breastfeeding experience is the goal of every mother. So, how can you make a good start? Start breastfeeding one hour after giving birth. This can help provide colostrum from the moment the little one latches on to feed.

Colostrum is an immune-building, anti-body rich breast milk. It is instantly available on the first phase of the mom’s lactation journey.

The Initiation Phase

This covers the first 5 days after the birth. It is when the body learns to produce bigger quantities of milk, and when the baby would learn to nurse. The initiation phase is an important chapter of your lactation journey because this stage will provide foundation to the entire breastfeeding journey.

Don’t expect your breast milk supply to be abundant immediately. This is okay, though. It’s normal for some babies to lose weight after being born. Just monitor her health and weight properly.

The Secretory Activation, or Building Phase

The building phase happens when the mother’s body switches from generating colostrum to producing more mature breast milk in order to meet the needs of the baby. Timings are different for every mom, though this usually happens 24 to 120 hours after birth. If it takes longer than that, feel free to work with your physician or nurse to make sure that your baby is getting the right amount of nutrition.

At two weeks, babies would generally regain their birth weight, and will usually have a minimum of 5 wet diapers, as well as 3 more with bowel movements every 24 hours.

The Maintenance Phase

From the first month mark, to the time that more solid food are introduced to the kid’s diet at 6 months, your breast milk supply would not change much, if your pumping and feeding routine remain regular.

Since new solid food would eventually replace breast milk in your little one’s diet beginning at 6 months, your breast milk supply may start to decrease.