Nowadays, any event management is marketed with the use of social media. But, how do you make sure that you use the platform in a more effective way?

Here are some proven and highly effective social media tactics that every event planner should know:

1. Don’t Think About the Numbers

But rather, think about the experience. What I mean is that you have to make it a point to make the experience as memorable as possible for your guests.

Do not just look at it from a standpoint where you just amass as many people as you can to your event because if you’ve done so but their experience was just “Meh”, then people will not be happy in the end. Think of giving them the best experience possible. Give them reasons to share your event on their social media accounts. Focus on the experience, not on the numbers.

2. Use the Right Platform if You’re Looking to Invite a Specific Audience

If you want to invite a group of specific people to your event, you have to tailor your messages to the specific audience you want to invite.

For instance, if you’re using LinkedIn to market your concert, it might not be a good place to promote your event using the platform since it is only for professionals.

Instead, what you can do is market your party by talking about it on Facebook. Use event hashtags and even link the vendors and sponsors on your event page as well.

3. Embed a Video

Using videos rather than stationary images is better when it comes to promoting your event. Embed a video on your social media page and give it a brief description.

The good thing about this is that you can easily create a relevant video from scratch with the use of programs such as Adobe Spark or Flixpress, for starters.

4. Run a Contest

Do you want to know an effective way to promote your event without actually doing all of the hard work? Well, you can do so by creating a contest.

For instance, you can talk about the party using Facebook and the people with more “Likes” will get to have free tickets along with some people they want to invite as well.

This is a perfect example of the use of social media by just utilizing some of its features to your advantage.

5. Using Live Tweets

During the event, you can help increase the positive experience of your guests by putting up a large screen where they can see some live tweets.

By using a custom event hashtag, people can post their pics and their tweets on their Twitter accounts and you can use a Twitter manager so that their tweets can be posted live and that can be seen on the screen.

6. Create “Stories”

When you use Instagram, you have the ability to create “stories” by uploading a live video or even just posting some pictures.

With the use of the event hashtag, people can easily see the other guests’ stories and it can even help increase event visibility as well.


By using social media, you can help brand visibility and event coverage without really doing a lot of things. All you have to do is know which platform to use and utilize its features to your advantage.


So, you’re planning to invest in the stock market as part of the broking service because you’ve read some stories and heard them over the news that you can get rich by getting into the biz.

However, you will need a lot of money to buy as many shares as you can, which is something that some people might not have a lot of.

Some people would then introduce you to what is called as Leverage Trading and you are enticed to get into it. But, hold your horses! Before you go and get into that type of trading, I want to give all the important information first so that you can decide if you want to take the risk or not (and believe me, it is risky). With that being said, I am going to start off by stating what it actually is.

What is Leverage Trading?

To put it simply, Leverage Trading is buying stocks on margin so that you can have plenty of shares for trade. The phrase buying stock on margin, in layman’s terms, just refers to buying stocks using borrowed money.

This borrowed money comes from your brokerage agency and you will have to pay it in due time, otherwise, you’re going to incur some fees.

To make it even easier to understand, say, you want to purchase a car for $40,000. You do not have that much money right now, so you pay it in installments by giving an initial payment of $2,000 and you pay it off every month.

So now, you still have $38,000 that you need to pay (not including interest) and you get into a car accident. Not only is your car totaled, but you will still need to pay what you owed the car company.

So in essence, that is how risky Leverage Trading is. However, like everything in life, there are pros and cons to this which I will discuss in the next section.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Investing in the stock market is already a risky endeavor as it is. Because of its volatility and liquidity, you can gain some and you can even lose some in just the nick of time as well.

The major advantage, and the reason why many people are getting into this is that, well, you can leverage your stock portfolio in the hopes of getting a bigger capital gain.

The more stocks you have and the better the price it gets in the market; you’re going to be earning a lot more than just having a few shares on your account.

However, because of the stock market’s erratic movements and behavior, Leverage Trading is akin to gambling in that you can win big or you can lose big depending on the circumstance.

Now for the downsides. Because you’re borrowing money to buy more stocks, your brokerage firm will require you to put in your money and your assets as part of the collateral, not to mention that you also need to pay them the interest as well.

Aside from that, you will also be required to put an initial deposit. So, say the cost of the shares you’re going to buy is $100,000, you will need an initial deposit if $50,000 because the usual ratio for leverage trading is 2:1.

Leverage Trading is risky because although you can increase your stock portfolio, if the price of it drops to an undesirable level, you could end up earning less than what you’ve anticipated.

And remember, win or lose, you still owe money to your broker which you will need to pay in due time.

So you see where I am getting at? You could leverage buying stocks to your advantage at the expense of borrowing assets from your broker. But the uncertainty that the stock market entails means that you’re walking on soft ground; meaning you will not have a stable base and you could end up hurting your finances in the process.

In conclusion, leverage trading is there but before getting into it, make sure that you know the risks involved, not just the potential earnings.


Free Bet Blackjack Basics

Are you interested in learning Free Bet Blackjack as part of the togel singapore? Reading all the rules wouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. This short article can teach you the basics, so you can enjoy playing it with your friends.

Free Bet is actually very easy to play. After the player’s first wager, he can split pair wagers and make double-downs for free. It has approval from Nevada Gaming Control Board, and already went through some field trial.

This game is Geoff Hall’s invention, and is under Shuffle Entertainment’s distribution. You can definitely play soon at various clubs across the country.

Free Bet already went through various modifications, but you don’t need to worry. Its house edge is below .7%, since it is played on blackjack with 3-2.

Learn the basic free bet play.

Free Bet is played using a standard card deck. This means there should be no wild cards or jokers.  Blackjack’s standard rules apply, including table maximums and minimums. Games on one deck table are also offered. This is where blackjack pays 6-5.

There are some new rules to follow when playing Free Bet.

  • Double-down is free on hard 11, 10 and 9
  • Splits are free on every pair except 4′s and tens
  • Up to Four re-splits (free), with Aces
  • Double-down is free after one split
  • Normal double for any 2 cards, even after a free split


So why is it “free”? Once a player reaches hard total of 11, 10 or 9, even after he draws cards, there is a chance to double-down on the house money.

The player can make a regular wager. Then, the house can match that wager at any given time once the player reaches 11, 9, or 10, then double down.

It will be matched with a special button. If a win would be handed, it will be paid the exact amount as the initial wager. There is no need to risk more cash. If you want, you can double down on another hand using your own money. This can be done even after a free split.

Remember that blackjack’s standard rules are not modified on Free Bet.

Make sure to strategize when playing Free Bet!

What is the most evident change when it comes to strategy?

It is to double down for free on 10, l1 or 9 against any up-card. Consequently, you may want to split for free on any other pair aside from 10’s (don’t split), 5’s (free double) and 4’s (against 6 and 5 up-card only).

When it comes to soft hands, you should double down only against a dealer 6 up-card with soft 18, 17 and 16. Nevertheless, if you have a free split and soft 16 until soft 20, you can double-down (this one is not free) against a dealer 6-up.

You can also double down (only after a free split) against an up-card dealer 5, with a soft 17 until 19. Make sure not to double on any more soft hands.

Free Bet will give a player more chances to win more free money. This is without taking risks. Great advantage, right? During most blackjack sessions, the line between losing and winning is hitting splits and double-downs. In Free Bet, you can risk less. Once you hit your doubles and splits, you’ll surely enjoy a win.


Spa Etiquette Rules You Need To Know Before Booking Your Treatments

1. “Should I arrive earlier than my appointment?”

Be on time. Make sure to arrive around 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment especially on having the non-surgical beauty plastic surgery at spa. By doing so, you can shower off, and start your pamper time earlier. Spending time at the sauna or steam room before treatments is also recommended, so you can loosen your muscles, and improve blood circulation.

2. “Is it important to take a shower before the treatment?”

You just need a quick rinse, to make sure you don’t smell. You may want to pay special attention to your feet. It’s important not to overly clean your body though, since therapists would definitely want to see and feel your real skin.

3. “Is it possible to go to the restroom while undergoing treatment?”

Yes, you can go to the restroom. However, it’s inconvenient for the therapist to pause the session. If you can do it beforehand, that would be better.

4. “Can I eat before my scheduled treatment?”

Yes, you can eat a light snack before heading to your scheduled appointment. However, avoid high-calorie meals. You wouldn’t want to be very full while on the treatment table.

5. “Can I drink something before my treatment?”

Drink plenty of water before going to the spa. Booze, on the other hand, should be avoided since it can make you feel dehydrated. You wouldn’t completely appreciate the spa experience because it will drain your energy.

6. “Should I close my eyes while undergoing treatment?”

It’s important to close your eyes during treatment. If you open your eyes, some products might get inside them. Closing your eyes also relaxes your head muscles.


7. “Should I address my bad breath before the appointment?”

Yes, definitely. That is common courtesy. You can just chew mint gums on your way to the spa.

8. “Is shaving important before the spa treatment?”

If you are a guy getting a face treatment, you can shave the evening prior to the appointment. For the ladies, there is no need to shave anything before the treatments.

9. “Should I tell my therapist anything before the treatment begins?”

For safety and health reasons, let them know about certain medical issues or injuries. Do you have allergies? Blood clot problems?

10. “Is it important to take all my clothes off?”

If you’re comfortable with that, you can. Some people would leave their underwear on, but it would feel greasy from all the massage oils. Make sure to take off all types of jewelry, though.

11. “Should I talk to my therapist while undergoing treatment?”

If you feel pain, experience discomfort, or simply wants to change the music, never hesitate to tell the spa technicians. Their main goal is to make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, so they will surely attend to your needs and requirements. On the other hand, they are not there to listen to your personal problems.

12. “How much should I tip the spa attendant?”

The most appropriate amount you can give? It’s 20% of the full-service spa treatment price, even if you purchased it at a discount. Make sure to tip in cash, so the technician can get it right away.

13. “Is there a need to purchase all the products the therapist recommends?”

You don’t need to buy everything. Selling the spa’s primary products is just part of their job. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything.